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Norwich is a Kansas PRIDE Community.
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Norwich Community Library
Kingman County

Interlibrary Loan Inside the Norwich Community Library, Norwich, Kansas- © photo by Susan Howell, used by permission
The library will borrow materials from other libraries in the South Central Kansas Library System (SCKLS) for patron usage.
Books are checked out for a two-week period and may be renewed for one additional two-week period.  Number of books checked out will be determined by the librarian.
Magazines may be checked out for one week; exceptions may be made.
All patrons will have access to the library photocopier.  Copies will cost 10 cents per copy, unless classified as a school assignment.
Internet Usaqe The computer room in the Norwich Community Library, Norwich, Kansas- © photo by Susan Howell, used by permission
E-mail capabilities and net surfing.
Printer / Scanner All non-school printing 10 cents per page.

Lost and Destroyed Items

Patrons who lose or destroy books or magazines will pay the full replacement cost of the item.  When a patron damages an item, a reasonable fee to cover cost of repair will be charged.  Library services will be denied if a patron continually loses or damages items.

Overdue Books

Fines will be charged for overdue books.  A 5 cent fine will be charged for each day the library is open.  A patron owing a fine will not be allowed to check out from the library until the fine is paid.  Exceptions by the librarian can be made.

Library Access

Outside of school hours, all patrons must enter the library through the west entrance.  If school is not in session, no patron is allowed to enter the school facility.
The use of the library and its services may be denied for due cause.  Such cause may be failure to return books, destruction of library property, disturbance of other patrons, exiting library through the school building, abuse of Internet or any other objectionable conduct of library premises.
No food or drink in the library.

Member of the South Central Kansas Library System (SCKLS)

City of Norwich
(620) 478-2278 · FAX (620) 478-2880
226 Main Street, Norwich, KS 67118
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